About matzoh Edit

Matzoh (also spelled matza, matzah or matzo) is a thin, brittle, unleavened bread traditionally eaten during the Jewish Passover holiday. Tradition states that matzoh is made only with water and flour but some modern-day versions include flavorings like onion.

Matzoh meal Edit

Matzoh meal is ground matzoh, generally available in two textures: fine and medium. Matzoh meal is used in a variety of foods including gefilte fish, matzoh balls and pancakes. It's also used to thicken soups and for breading foods to be fried.

Cake meal Edit

Matzoh cake meal is a very finely ground matzoh meal (finer than regular matzoh meal) and is used as a flour substitute.

Matzoh farfel Edit

Matzoh farfel is a seasonal item used mainly in Passover dishes such as kugel and latkes; it simply consists of matzoh broken into small pieces. Matzoh farfel can also be soaked in milk, heated up, and eaten as a sort of breakfast cereal.

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